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Anatolia Daphne is a quality supplier of 100% natural, handmade soaps. Our facility is based in Turkey, but exports to big-chain companies in Europe and around the world. What makes us unique is our location, we have access to olives and other natural ingredients year-round. Everything is created using ancient, yet proven techniques. Each product is lab tested for quality. After all, our top priority is providing a healthy product. The factory we use was passed down from generation to generation and is operated by workers highly experienced in hand-crafting soaps.

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The soaps we sell are handmade, tested for quality and only contain all-natural ingredients. This includes vegetable-based oils and herbal fragrances. None of our products contain harmful chemicals or dyes. Plus, our soaps are vegan, containing no derivatives from animals. We have a special formula for balancing out moisture levels, so the end product is satisfactory. Herbal extracts are added during the blending phase. After kneading and mashing it all together, the soaps are shaped at the specified size and weight our customers desire.

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1683 S Mt. Prospect Rd.
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Phone: 1.714.728.9978
Email: info@anatoliadaphne.com

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Bars of Annual Soap Production Capacity.
Retail Chains in Europe stock shelves
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