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For centuries, civilizations have used vegetable and essential oils for hand-making soaps. Olive oil tends to be the most popularly used across the world, including ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Unadulterated, unprocessed olive oil is well-known for its enhanced beauty benefits. This includes stimulating your skin cells, making them firmer, smoother and more youthful looking. It also repairs damage caused by the sun, air pollutants and free radicals.

Olive is high in antioxidants, which makes it perfect for anti-aging. It even aids in preventing hair loss and rejuvenating your skin and hair follicles. This is everything today’s beauty market desires.

And this is exactly why we chose this ingredient in our soap base. At Anatolia Daphne, we combine two main ingredients used by Egyptian Queens and Pharaohs – olive and daphne oils.

The soaps we sell are handmade, tested for quality and only contain all-natural ingredients. This includes vegetable-based oils and herbal fragrances. None of our products contain harmful chemicals or dyes. Plus, our soaps are vegan, containing no derivatives from animals.

Our methods of production are traditional and always pass national and international standards. Our experts carefully mix specific proportions and cook the ingredients in precise time intervals. Once our artisans test the product, it goes through an atomizer, which dries it out at between 17 and 22% humidity.

The key is in the heating process, which melds together the ingredients in complete synergy. After heating the ingredients, the product undergoes saponification, which evaporates excess water. This completes the harmonization of ingredients.

We have a special formula for balancing out moisture levels, so the end product is satisfactory. Herbal extracts are added during the blending phase. After kneading and mashing it all together, the soaps are shaped at the specified size and weight our customers desire.

Our products sit on the shelves for one day before being packaged, which is handled manually by our professionals.