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Anatolia Daphne is a reputable traditional soap manufacturer located in the Antakya, Hatay region of Turkey. Since 1999, we’ve providing traditional soap for chain companies throughout Europe. We’ve adopted ancient soap-making techniques that were used in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

With the traditional manufacturing process mixed with our all-natural ingredients, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted soap manufacturer. Today, we operate out of a 150,000 sqf  production plant with 12.000.000 bars capacity annualy. All of our professionals are highly-skilled in hand-making soaps. Plus, we have the equipment and manpower to ship large quantities of soap to businesses anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to help retailers by offering a high-quality pure products that their customers can trust. A company’s reputation relies heavily on the manufacturers they do business with. So we take great pride in ensuring all of our soap products are crafted with great care.

This includes lab testing all of our soaps beforehand. Nothing is placed for shipment unless they pass our quality inspection. Our aim is to provide a healthy product customers can use, so we use eco-friendly practices and ingredients.

Our location gives us direct access to quality olives and daphne. We use unadulterated oils from each in our soap base. Other natural ingredients we use in our soap recipes include lavender, cinnamon, daisy, apricot, almond and more.

All of our soaps are chemical-free. We only test our products on humans – never on animals. None of your soaps contain dyes, additives, alcohol or animal products. Everything derives from plant-based sources.

Anatolia Daphne is a family-owned company that’s been passed down generation to generation. It’s owners are vested in the seeing the success of our mission – providing a product that nourishes hair and skin.

We will continue on our journey of hand-making quality soaps with pure and natural ingredients. If your company would like to stock shelves with a reputable product, then don’t hesitate to give us a call!